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Alchemy — the ability to transform.  Inner revelation.  Enlightenment.  Coaching provides the tools you need for soul transformation and deeper attunement with your purpose and desires. Moving you from an unhealthy, stagnant state to a perfect, everlasting state of being through Universal Life Force.  Imagine a life where you are able to create change as needed, when needed.  Law of Attraction in action.

Self Love — Taking care of your desires and wellness.  This looks like you loving yourself, caring about oneself, taking responsibility for oneself, respecting oneself, and knowing oneself.    Alignment with all parts of you and communicating this to others.  Healthy choices, holistic living, depth of clarity and constant movement to your Higher purpose.


cynthia djengue b:wI work with women who crave deeper connection with their bodies and souls.

I believe in my clients’ ability to heal themselves with the right tools and a healthy dose of unconditional love.  

You are welcome here.   You deserve to feel lighter and free. Your transformation starts when you say “Yes!”   Lots of self empowerment is possible when we choose Alchemy with our intention.

It’s time to release and let go. Your mind wants more pleasure.  Your body seeks peace.

Come closer… your time is today.

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